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Virtual shopper research

Since 2003 NORM has developed its advanced software for virtual shopper research: SIMSTORE®. Traditional research methods often focus on capturing conscious attitudes and stated behaviour. But most decisions are emotional and not rational. That is why we focus on measuring behaviour.

More about SIMSTORE®


One of the most interesting trends we have observed lately is a tendency to use virtual store research at the very first stages of the innovation process, instead of mainly at the execution phase just before the launch. This trend indicates that brand and innovation managers place increasing value upon quantitative shopper insights even when a new product is still in its concept phase. Read more...

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" NORM's reports are to the point and include 

actionable recommendations. Always"

Qualitative INSIGHTS

In our qualitative team we together have more than 75 years experience of qualitative market research. Talking and listening to people in their role as consumer, shopper or professional, we reveal actionable insights for you – whether it is about branding, communication, product development, shopping or just gaining more in-depth insights about a topic. We can meet your research needs.

We think we can bring clarity to human behavior because we keep listening to the changes, keep watching them. We do not settle for yesterday´s insights and dare to challenge ourselves in order to find out more about the underlying factors of everyday decisions.

Sophie Sandstrom

Sophie Sandstrom

Insight Director / Partner

“NORM brings clarity to human
behaviour because we keep listening
to changes, keep watching them”

Customized Research

" NORM is expert in understanding and

predicting shopping behaviour. "

Quantitative Insights

Except for the research services described in this section NORM also conducts customized, quantitative studies covering research topics such as usage and attitude, brand tracking, consumer segmentation, drivers and barriers analysis and evaluation of planograms and point of sale communication. 

How to select the most optimal assortment?
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Identify the optimal product mix

Assortment optimization

The number of products sold in an average store has grown dramatically over the years. Research has proven that large assortments decrease shopper satisfaction as too many choices complicate the decision making process. Retailers tend to reduce their assortments as a reaction to this but it is a challenge to decide which products should be removed. The industry is often asked which products should be replaced when new products are launched. Simply cutting ‘the tail’ will not give the best results. Read more...

It is a known fact that simply ‘cutting the tail’ will not result in the most optimal assortment; disappointing sales are not the only factor one should look at. This applies especially when new product launches are listed and current products on shelf are about to be delisted.

NORM has developed a research method for finding the optimal assortment which also takes new product launches, shelf space limitations and store formats (e.g. convenience stores versus supermarkets) into consideration.

A SIMSTORE® assortment study guarantees valid insights, to assist the client to select the optimal assortment. NORM offers a free webinar about assortment optimization. If you would like to join, please click on button on the left to register for the webinar. Hide

What are the deliverables?


Which products should be removed from the range?


Which products should be added to the range?


What is the optimal product mix with limited shelf space?

Which product mix leads to the highest market share and has the highest reach?


In 2003 NORM started the development of SIMSTORE®, its software for conducting virtual shopper research. We identified an increasing need for understanding the dynamics at the point of purchase in the FMCG industry.

Traditional research methods often focus on capturing conscious attitudes and stated behaviour. However, most decisions are made emotionally – not rationally. That is why NORM prefers to focus on measuring behaviour and changes in behaviour.

NORM considers its software to be unique since it is a result of its cross competencies within research methodology, gaming technology and category management.

SIMSTORE® enables NORM’s clients to understand and predict shopping behaviour. In short, why consumers buy what they buy. This way we offer our clients an effective way to win at the point of purchase: fast, valid and affordable.

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" NORM solves complex business issues and guides 

its client towards future growth opportunities. "

How we work

For NORM, a research project always starts with understanding the client’s business and scoping out the challenges and opportunities. NORM masters all kinds of research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative. However, we prefer customized solutions. The choice of research solution always depends on the client’s specific business challenges and opportunities.

NORM constantly strives to deliver value through fact-based insights and actionable recommendations. That’s what gives us energy and satisfaction: finding new insights that help to reach marketing and sales objectives. It’s our commitment that all research projects will end with concise reports that are matched with a strong sense of business urgency.

Customized Research

" NORM is employee owned which guarantees

passion and commitment "


Our heritage is within the FMCG industry, serving the largest FMCG companies worldwide. However, NORM has adapted its innovative research services and methods for industries such as pharmaceuticals, telecom, consumer electronics and fast food.

Simstore has proven our confidence in their approach to be worthy. By linking qualitative and quantitative methods, Simstore opened up another look at our brand and appeared to be an excellent sparring partner for innovations.

- Boris Bolz, CEO Germany

One of the reasons we’ve decided to work with NORM is because of their offered studio capabilities. When doing a multi-country research project based on virtual shopping simulations this saves a lot of time on our side.

- Consumer Insights &
Innovation Manager

We now have clear directions as to where we need to put our innovation priorities to achieve our strategic objectives. NORM gave us exactly what we needed, a deep understanding of the field of work which goes beyond insights about the concepts.

- Tom Snick,
Marketing Director
Central Europe

" NORM strives to make the research process as

hassle-free as possible. "


NORM is an independent research and consultancy firm specialized in understanding and predicting consumer and shopper behaviour. We are employee owned, which guarantees passion and commitment from our team.

The international team consists of 60 professionals with expertise within the areas of psychology, brand management, statistics and research methodology, shopper marketing, graphical visualization and category management.

We never settle for today’s insights and available methods. Instead, we dare to challenge the traditional market research industry to find out more about the underlying factors of everyday decisions. NORM brings adventure to the market research industry, is committed to getting a better understanding of the complexity of decision-making.

How we work

Career Opportunities

Insight Analyst

Insight Analyst

Office location: Stockholm, Sweden

I rollen Insight Analyst hjälper du kunder att fatta rätt beslut i olika marknads - och varumärkesfrågor samt är delaktig i att utveckla NORMS befintliga kundrelationer.

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Software developer PHP

Software developer PHP

Office location: Stockholm, Sweden

Som mjukvaruutvecklare fungerar du som en central del i det utmanande arbetet att vidareutveckla ett av markadens mest innovativa enkätverktyg.

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We are interested and eager to listen and discuss your business opportunities and challenges. Our research directors will recommend a research set- and methodology which focus on solving the business question, not only the research question. Feel free to get in touch to schedule a meeting at your office.

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